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Google my business

  • TOC
    1. What is a Google Business Profile
    2. Why Businesses Should Have Google Business Profile
    3. How to Set up Google Business Profile
    4. How to optimize GBP for better ranking
    5. How to use google business profile to get more clients
    6. How to improve local search ranking
    7. What should be your content strategy for the google business profile
  • What is google business profile

    Google Business profile is a free by google tool.

    This tool is to empower businesses to Stand Out On Google Search Engine Result Page.

    Yes that’s right you can get that top position on the list, you just have to follow our step-by-step guide on how to rank Google Business Profile in less than 60 days.

    This is a customised templet to help business owners like you, to help you on how you can fully utilise Google Business Profile and optimise it for best performance.

    Highlights of GBP that you must know before moving any further.

    Google Profile is

    Absolutely Free

    Like your Social Media Profile

    Easy to manage

    Manage profile and location on map


    Working time, photo, video posts

    GMP enable you to
    • Highlight all the essential information that your customers needs to come visit your store.

    • By Sharing photos, videos, Posts your can better engage and attract your customers

    • Added feature of excepting order online is a wonderful feature of GMB, you don’t have to wait for the customer to come and order, Let them order online and come to you shop and pick-up or book a table.

    • Do you really want to know why shoppers love when business have google business profile listed, It gives them more options to shop, and clients enjoy it and in this case they are ready and confident to spent money, What you need? Just get you Google Profile Optimised to et best results from it.


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    How Virtual Tpur of your Store can Skyrocket your Business - Download this free guide in a click!!!

    How Virtual Tour of your store can skyrocket your business Download this free guide in a click

    Why businesses Should Have Google Business Profile

    Google Business profile is a very powerful tool that and it is dedicated to connect your customers to you. This simply means it is going to bring customers to for you, there is a catch though your profile should not violate any of googles policy and it should be well optimised.

    In simple words search engine itself is bringing in customers to your door that too without charging any penny, which business owner is willing to miss this opportunity. If you are a businesses owner you must be dedicate to welcome clients who are ready to buy from you don’t you.

    By not having a business profile you are missing a lot, mostly you are missing those clients who themselves are searching for your services and want to know how and where you are going to serve them on you definitely don’t want your competitors to get away with these clients.

    It is not unknown to anybody that todays customer is SEARCH dependent, before getting up from their comfortable sofa they even you pick-up your mobile phone and search for best nearest restaurant, who is selling mobile phone near me, which is the nearest salon, operating time of that particular business and much more.

    • You can share more details on when you operate, how you operate this makes our clients more aware on how they can reach to you.

    • Reviews given by your customers are displayed on your profile, these motivated your prospects to become you customers.

    • Integrated map feature show your customers direction so that they can reach you easily.

    • It provides you with insights of customers

    GBP provides you with this best opportunity to show-up when customer is searching for something that you provide and you still want to know Why businesses Should Have Google Business Profile ? You have your answer why you need a GBP right now.

    How to set-up google business profile

    Now that you already know Why businesses Should Have Google Business Profile, its time to dive into another topic topic that is setting up you GBP

    Step 1 login with google

    Step 2 add your business

    Step 3 locate

    Get your profile setup for free!!! Click on the link we will do it for you all free !!!

    Get your profile setup for free!!! Click on the link we will do it for you all free

    How to optimise GBP for better ranking

    Do You Know: You can have a Google Business Profile even if you don’t have a physical store.
    Stage 1 The Basics of GBP

    It gives a list of businesses nearby and a lot of information needed to find a specific business like:

    GBP are displayed to customers when their search term matched with information you have provided in your profile. Basics of this information goes like this..

    Address of your Business

    Business working hours

    Category your business belongs to

    Reviews given by your clients

    This is most crucial stage of optimising profile although information’s that you have provided can be changed latter, but they should be accurate and not misleading.

    Stage 2 Your Location

    This is where real game starts. Information you have provided in this section are going to work for you not only in SERP but this is going to rank you on Google Map as well.

    But what if you dont have a physical Brick & Mortar shop ( Cant you create business profile ), No you too should create google business profile.

    In case you are a service based business you must be providing your service in particular area. Here you get to select location or area which you cover to serve your clients.


    Once youhave completed all the details in address section google will ask about your location where you provide your services.

    How to use google business profile to get more clients

    Completely fill all the sections without missing any information

    To show up your business profile, provide all the details. Once your business is verified it will be displayed on search. However an incomplete profile makes it harder for customers to get in touch with you and eventually you lose customers.

    More familiar you are with the features and things that can lead your listing to get suspended more accurate you will fill your profile and more your business profile will help in growth of your business.

    For the sake of data a completely filled profile

    • has get chosen by 2.7 times more customers then others

    • increase in 70% chance of visit and 50% chances that they consider buying


    Make your Business Profile wonderful

    Whether you already have a website or are just getting started to build your online presence, you can make a Business Profile that is attention grabbing and helps you to stand out from the competition. To do this

    • Share latest photos

    • Logo of your business

    • Your cover photo should have a purpose

    Make your business profile more interactive by providing 360 virtual tour of your shop, office, business, showroom make a lasting impact on your prospects mind let them see how prepared you are to serve your customers. This engages customers more then any thing else and customer is most likely to make a conscious decision.


    Rely to reviews of your customers

    Business Profile allows your customers to post reviews of your business. Online reviews are as valuable as word-of-mouth marketing to the web, and can encourage new people in their purchasing decision.

    When you respond to these reviews, you give your customers a personal touch.


    Keep all the business information up-to-date

    You have created a business profile and it is not appearing on search engine result page, map or other pages then you might have missed verification process or violated some of the googles guidelines .

    To get started with virtual tour of your business contact us by clicking and filling a small form here.

    How to improve local search ranking

    ATG local search raking are based upon three factors

    1. Relevance

    2. Distance

    3. Prominence

    More these three criteria matches with information provided by you on business profile, more chances are there that your profile is put forward in front of customers by google.

    What should be your content strategy to google business profile

    Before diving into post section and content idea make sure all the information’s provided by you on your account are accurate and up-to-date.

    Content ideas that works well on business profile:

    Share recent photos specially offers

    When it comes to business listing here most of the queries are transactional in nature. You can take more direct selling approach here and to do this feel free to show your latest offers and close the clients.

    Offer them a virtual tour

    Google virtual tour is great way to bind and make your customers more familiar to your business. This not only compel your customers to visit you it engage your customers with you in a lasting manner.

    Post Pictures and Videos

    Like any other social media account this profile gives you ability to share latest photos and videos of your business utilise this feature to maximise the potential of your listing.

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